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News Update (18/09/08)

BSB Croft

I love this place its a great fast track, all be it a bit bumpey.

Free practice was good, but my gearing was way off as we had never tested or ridden the 08 bike here. The first timed session only lasted for 4 laps before the heavens opened up bringing an abrupt end to preceedings.

2nd qualifing was a different story as I craashed out on the 5th lap. I managed to limp it back to the pit lane were we set about stripping the fairings off to remove all the stones etc. With only 4.5 mins left I rolled out on track with cold tyres and twisted yokes. One out lap to get some heat back into the tyres and then go for it, I just managed to complete two laps before the chequered flag came out. All things considered I was really pleased as I managed my best position of the year so far in 28th.

The race was great, I had a flying start and moved up to about 23rd. I had a race long battle with Cleggy and we managed to finish in 21st and 22nd palces. I posted another personnal Best time and this was my highest finish all year.

News Updated (1/09/08)

Emra (Mallory Park)

This was never going to be easy as I had not riden there since being knocked off last year when I broke my leg.

Everyone was really pleased to see me and I was feeling great.

My first session was qualifying but manged to finish up third fastest!! not bad. Then the rain came down and didn't stop all day. We had some great racing I had to start the main race from 29th and still managed to get up to 8th place.

The third and final race was the best racing I've had for years and managed a 58.3 in the pouring rain. Looking forward to Croft

Cadwell Park

What can we say about Cadwell other than I love the place. I fell off in the first qualifying at the hairpin on the outlap!!, just to keen to get on track, but in the second session I managed to beat my Pb again but only managed to qualify in 38th. This meant I was not going to even make the grid.

Feeling very dissapointed we were uncertain as to stay and see if anyone would not make the grid on race day, luckly enough two pulled out and I was on.

My first flying lap was my fastest of the weekend by nearly a second, if only I could do it in qualifying, I was having a great race and managed to over take two people then the pace car came out and I noticed my boot was all wet and very warm, on looking down my I could see water everyhere. A stone had gone throught the rad forcing me to pull out. I think its time i had some good luck don't you.


Its a long way to go but really worth the trip, Knockhill is a really great curcuit. one I've not been to very often. In the first session I matched my PB so feeling very confident. But then it rained and I did not see another dry session all weekend. The race went well and I managed to pass a few during the race all be it riding with caution after the highside in the wet at donington. I had a really big slide but managed to stay on only loosing one place.

News Update (22/07/08)

Oulton 2nd time

The bike is feeling realy good after having a new frame etc. The only thing is I am shattered after spending so much time re-building and painting it, but it looks great so I'm happy.

The first session was alittle slow with the damp but I finnished up 17th. In the second session however I slip right down to 38th, not happy. I'm 0.6 ths of my normal time.

First race Sat is dry, I made up 11 places through my efforts and people crashing etc. Getting only 0.2 ths of my PB. Sun is a long day as we are on last race. It goes well and I have a flying start making up 5 places on the first time down Cascades, loosing two places on the exit. Race is going well , when I get passed there is a hugh gap to the next man, I'm catching him at over a second a lap, but because of race time missed on the bike I'm too tired to chase them down to the end and finally finish in 28th. The best part is I have beaten my PB by over 1.2 secs.

Looking forward to a well earned holiday with the family, back for Knockhill in three weeks time.

News Update (24/06/08)

Sorry for the delay in my updates, as you can imagine it's getting really busy here.

Oulton was a good weekend right up to the morning warm up on race day. My engine dropped a valve & running on a tight budget I haven't got a spare engine so thats it for the weekend. this was a shame as my confidence was returning and I love Oulton. I managed to get down to my normal pace. I left early and drove straight to Pete Beale's place where he promised to get the engine out and rebuilt in time for the re-run at brans the following weekend

Pete did a fantastic job for me and came up trumps, the engine was rebuilt and delivered down to meet me on Thursday night. He really looked after me on price as well.

I had to start at the back of the grid because at the start of the season (round1 at Brans) I had not been quick enough to qualify. The race went well and I managed a PB. On to Donnington


This weekend was going well, I have gone a second faster than ever before, things are looking up. 25th out of 40. but in the second qualifying I highside out on the outlap. I was fine, my first crash after breaking my leg. The bike however was distroyed, Yokes, Frame and forks. Yet another early finish for the Alamo Racing Team.

I will have to miss Snetterton now to have enough money for all the new bits.

Stay Tunned.

News Update (21/04/08)

Truxton was good. I've made the grid. but still 2 seconds of my normal time. On Sunday I was proper nervous, being back on the grid feels great especially after being 18th fastest in morning warm up.

I got allittle beat up on the start being the last one into the first corner, the race went well but it took me far to long to get past the next rider, by the time I had the next pack of riders were long gone. With a clear track in front I managed my best time of the weekend only 0.2 of my PB.

Finishing in 28th does not feel to much to be proud of, but at least we're going forward. I am going to try harder and get quicker at Oulton. Watch this space!

News Update (15/04/08)

Here I am at Brands hatch feeling pretty nervous about qualifiying. I am so far off the pace starting to think its never worth all the fuss.

All my fears disappear as I roll out for final qual. I get faster and faster but still manage to be 1.2 seconds off my personal best, meaning that I have not made the grade. The team are upbeat and pleased that I managed as good a time as I have, remembering that this is only the second time out after breaking my leg. But unfortunately we are going home.

We will try harder at thruxton this weekend.

News Update (27/03/08)

Where do I Start? I have stripped down last years bike and rebuilt another R1 from spares just to break the unlucky streak on my 07 R1.

My first outing since the broken leg was at a cold and damp Mallory Park. I must admit I was alittle apprehensive. My fears and cob webbs were soon blow away when I got on board and rolled back on the track. I must say it was nice to be back, getting the old Knee on the ground even in the damp.

My biggest concerns now is fittness for Brans in only two weeks time. Back down to the swimming baths for a few more lenths.
News Update (20/10/07)

Kevin Falcke has ridden my bike in the final two rounds of the BSB superstock rounds. He has ridden very well and been voted rider of the day by Fred Clarke in both rounds. I have been very pleased with his performances and really don't think I could have asked anymore from him. Not only is he fast but he's a great guy to work with. Kevin may be riding the bike all next year but the details have yet to be finalised. A lot depends on my leg and the doctors.

Talking of which the news is really good my leg is healing well and I'm off my crutches. I would prefer the doctors to remove the pin before I ride again. Unfortunately this will not happen in time for the 2008 season. This is a choice I have to make before christmas as I will need to get training hard to be fit in time if I do ride in '08

News Update (04/08/07)

I have had two of the screws removed from the bottom of the pin (ankle end) the break has started to heal. Removing the screws and allowing me to partial weight bear encourages the new bone growth to become stronger. The medical term is Dynamise.

The most painful part of all this is behind the knee. The consultants had to move the knee to one side to drive the pin through the top & down the centre of the broken tibia.

I have now started to rebuild the damage to the bike. The biggest Result so far coming from Bernard Toleman the man behind Jentin Racing. They are building a 2007 Superbike, I have done the paintwork on there bikes in return Bernard has given me all the required electrics and ECU, keys etc for my bike. So a BIG BIG thank you to Bernard & Jentin Racing.

The Remaining 2007 Season

I am trying to get the bike up & running for Cadwell. Kevin Falcke will be riding my bike for the rest of the season. There is a lot of work and testing to be done for the bike to be ready on time. Of course another big factor will be my leg, whether I will be able to drive the lorry and do the set-up when we get there. Stay tuned for the lastest updates as it happens. I will post pictures in the gallery as the bike comes together.

News Update (26/05/07)

I have been to see the Consultant on Wednesday that performed my surgery. He is pleased with the way the outside of my leg is healing ie, scars & puncture wound. The next x-rays will be done in 4 weeks time. These will show the results of my week at Brian Simpsons. We will be hoping to see bone growth/callus all around the break and the bone fragments. I am now allowed to weight bear 25% through the pinned leg, hopefully by now the break should be stabilized allowing this to be not too painfull.

If anybody knows how to get around the Immobilizer on the new R1 2007 please contact me ASAP as my ariel was damaged in the crash. Yamaha say I have to buy the complete lock set with ECU etc.

News Update (20/05/07) (Without Prejudice)

Sorry for the delay in my news page being updated but read on and you will see the reasons are justified.

After being knocked of in the first meeting I felt sure I have christened the new bike, so to speak, and my luck would change from now on for the rest of the season. The new 07 R1 is a really good bike and Yamaha have made some really good changes. I can't believe how I have gelled with it.

In the first heat, the race was red flagged and we all lined up for a re-start. On the first lap of the re-start some one else crashed and the re-start was also stopped. I saw the first red flag as I exited the bus stop chicane. We passed more red flags, a second on Devils Elbow and a third on the start and finish line, as well as the red traffic light on the gantry. Imagine my suprise when I get SMASHED into from behind by Peter Baker. He has been racing for over 10 years and was supposed to know better. But he still can not admit he was in the wrong. How can he not be? he missed all the red flags and hit me from behind. In the crash he broke my leg in three places, its had to be pinned and I can't weight bare in it for 3 months while the bone fragments try to re-unite and grow together. I have just spent a week at Dr.Brian Simson's physiotherapy Clinic, Ipswich, having hypobaric chamber, Magnetic Pulse & Laser treatment. All this is to promote bone growth so I can get back to normal faster. Unfortunately its getting back to me that Peter Baker is telling every one that I was to blame as I was travelling to slow. I have full data logging on my bike and the at point of impact I was still doing nearly 60 mph in the leading pack of four bikes all doing the same speed in a stopped race situation. Plenty fast enough I think. I have asked him to pay some money towards the repair its not hard to work out his answer. Check out the gallery to see my x-rays.

As I get any news on my progress I will post it on these pages. Feel free to leave comments or your opinions on the incident on my blogg, see the link on the home page.

News Update (07/03/07)

Where do I begin? I have now stripped down the frame and lightened it where ever I can with alloy bolts and making aluminium spacers instead of steel. I collected the engine at 20.00 hrs Friday from Rays. He has done me proud in turn around and price. I managed to drive back to Cirencetser about 90 miles from Rays and get the engine mounted in the frame before going to bed at around 00.30 Sat morning. I was up and back in the workshop by 08.00 it was running by 11.30. The tank and seat were on and the lorry loaded by 15.00. The whole family and I arrived at RJS superbikes (mallory Park) 2 hours later. It was run on the dyno and we were pleased with the results. The light was failing and we still had to set up the awning and get tea cooked for the four children !!!! After tea I continued with the bike untill the moon made its eclipse at about 22.20 Sat night. Bradley my eldest son and I finished the night off by going down to my brother Richards Memorial tree on the exit of gerards bend. We said good night to him and went to bed. Looking forward to the following days racing.

I was pleased to see it dry for now at least. The bike flew through Scrutineering and we are ready to go racing. It felt really good and after only 6 laps were were lapping in under 57 seconds on a new bike on road tyres.

In the first race I was away in about 5th on the first lap, fighting my way up to the front. I was happy here until on the last lap going into the hairpin No. 52 Mike Bull a novice came screaming past me and overshot on the brakes. I had the corner and was tipping into the bus stop when he 't' boned me in the left side smashing me into the bales, I went over the handle bars and the new bike went sliding down the road. He was writhing around on the floor in pain so I couldn't really go and punch his lights out for such a stupid Novice mistake (literally)

Starting form the 5th row in my second race I managed to finish in third place not bad as the seat and foot pegs were damaged. In my third race I managed to finish 2nd to Malcolm Ashley on his super bike for this years BSB. We had a 15 second lead as we crossed the finish line.

My bike was fantastic I can only put it down to the Gravesport Products and the hard work of my Alamo Racing Team.

News Update (18/02/07)

Peter Hammond has become my Yamaha Dealer support, allowing me to run a new 2007 R1 in this years BSB Superstock Cup Championship.

I have already put over 100 miles on the clock, its now striped down to just a rolling chassie. The engine has been taken to Ray Stringer to be "blue printed" I will obviously be running all the Gravesport Products on my bike this year. Stay tuned for the news on the rebuild as it happens. My first outing will be on the 4/03/07 at Mallory Park in my own championship with E.M.R.A

Alamo Racing Limited has just been awarded the sole UK distribution for Graves Motorsports Products.

Graves Motorsports was founded in 1990 by Chuck Graves. Chuck needs no introduction to anyone that has followed WERA or WSMC racing. He's taken a record of more than 300 race wins and over 20 Class Championships. Notable points in Chuck's career were winning the 1995 GSXR1100 National Cup, 1993 Formula USA Champion, and having been a Two-Time Miller High Life Formula One Champion.

From the beginning Graves Motorsports developed and produced performance parts, our first product was the aluminum fairing bracket. Since then we have expanded our performance parts selection from fairing brackets to exhaust systems and rearsets to name just a few. Our ceaseless mission is to offer factory-quality, professional race-proven performance parts to privateer racers, track day enthusiasts and street riders alike. After all, we race what we sell.

Graves Motorsports is both a manufacturer of high performance exhaust systems and performance accessories as well as a professional road racing and supermoto racing team. Our racing expertise led us to win the AMA Superstock Championship in 2004 and 2006 and the AMA Supermoto Lites Champsionship in 2005.

All there products will be available on line from Alamo Racing. There are alot of changes happening in the web shop over the closed season so please be patient with me.

News updated (12/12/06)

I will be riding the new 2007 Yamaha R1 in the coming Season. I have now been sponsored by my local Bike dealer Peter Hamond Motorcycles Cirencester. They will become my dealer support making things easier and cheaper for me.

We will still be sponsoring the Alamo/Mallory trophy as we have this year. Only I can ride in the main race in 2007. I was not allowed to this year as I won it in 2005.

Summary of the 2006 season so far !!!

News updated (16/10/06)

Mallory Park Race of the year

This is my last race of the 2006 season. I will be riding the Kawasaki owned by Dave Copley (built & prepared by Ray Stringer, Steve King). This is the former IFC bike to which I referred to earlier. Changing gear with your thumb and not using your feet at all was a lot more natural than you would think. I went really well in the timed practice and managed to qualify in 9th place with a pb of 54.1 seconds. This is 8ths faster than I have ever been around mallory, on such a short lap thats good going.

On my out lap for the start of the race the sensor bracket for the traction control and launch control broke off. Lets say the start was entertaining with it nearly looping over the back when I dumped the clutch out. When I finally got it under control I was second from last. I managed to claw my way back up to tenth but was feeling a little disappointed with myself.

The next race we left the sensor off relying on old fashioned feel, in doing so I managed to give the bike its first win !!! So a big thankyou to Dave, Ray, Steve and Neil (electronics). The win also ment I finished the 1300cc EMRA championship in second place, not bad considering I have missed two off the rounds. Please refer to the text in red below for my thankyou for this year.

Brands Hatch (final round) BSB Superstock cup

This was always going to be a hard end to the season with the death of my father the wednesday before from an unexpected stroke. He has been my longest supporting fan with over 20 years of following me around the UK.

The Weekend started of well, with me lapping nearly at my PB, but the rain soon put bay to that! I finished up qualifying in 13th. The race on saturday looked like being a dry one untill 20 mins before the heavens opened up and the race was decleared a wet race, but the track was fast drying and we were all unsure of which tyres to pick for the race. I went for a full wet set up which proved to be a bad call as the wet patched turned to damp and eventually went completely. But we managed my best finish of the year in 10th place. This meant I will finish the champoinship in 20th. Not my best year by far but we have had the problems with the oil leaks and gearbox failing.

I would like to take this oppertunity to thanks all the sponsor this year. Mathew Fuller of Cain & Fuller, Micheal from Advance Turf Machinery, Roger Brown, My Mechanic Tom Morris, Kerry Beamount she is the reason the bike has looked so clean all year, Steve for his suspension settings and general help, Helen for allowing us to spend all our money on bikes again and her cooking, shopping, organising etc,etc,etc, Steve Cheese off Isis New Media for this web site input and free support, Paul Banyard for the Yamaha support. Thanks again with out all your help I could not have done it. 

The IFC bike was such an experience, changing gear with the horn button and down again by pulling in the clutch was supprisingly natural. I did how ever lap a hole three seconds slower on this bike than my own stock Yamaha. We had a few problems with an oil leak and the steering damper was wound up to tight for me but DJ was also testing it to use in the final round at Brans Hatch so I did not want to bin it for him. I am out on it again on the wed before race of the year.11/10/06.

Testing the IFC superbike 20/09/06

I am off on wed 20/09 to test the IFC superbike at mallory in preperation for the race of the year. Its got 220 BHP so it sounds like fun. Check back to see how things all went !!!!!

Silverstone BSB Superstock Cup

Testing went well even though I fell off with only two mins left in the first session. We made some setup changes and waited for the second session the following day. This went well and I managed to finish up in 11th place my best qualifing in the dry this year. On race day in the morning I went 6 fastest so things were looking good, however the race was a differant story. I got up to 7th place on the start but had a hugh slide exiting barn on lap one dropping down to about 10th then further on in the race the guy I was following crashed as I was going around the outside some how i managed to avoid the wreckage but had to take to the grass in doing so. Losing another 5 places but on the last lap i managed to get by one of them to finish in 14th. More points but not as many as we had all hoped.

Mallory Park EMRA, Alamo Racing Trophy 03/09/06

After not much sleep having all four kids and Helen in the lorry with me the day went really well. I felt my sponsored championship (The Alamo Trophy) looked a little empty on riders, so I asked the powers that be if I would be allowed to race in it. Yes was the answer only if I pulled out before the chequered flag (booo). They made me start from dead last 32nd on the grid for the heat and in 6 laps I got up to 5th. This meant I would start first man on the second row in the main race. I had a good start and was second into Edwina's on lap one chasing Vernon up to the hair pin. His fully tuned Suzuki 1000, on slicks etc sounding well sharp. Obviously Vernon had the grunt & grip out of the corners but I mananged to stay with him for 7 out of the ten laps when my tyres finally screamed enough is enough letting go exiting the hairpin I was flicked up into orbit but somehow managed to stay on, squashing a couple of vital organs on the way back in the saddle. They are the same tyres from Cadwell so I guess I should not moan. As requested I pull out on lap 9 Vernon going on to win the race. We had both lapped in the 54's Vernon only one tenth faster on the day. My two 1300cc races were also good with a first and a second. and a 13 second lead in the win.

Cadwell Park BSB Superstock Cup 26-28/0806

One of my favourite tracks. A double header for us so qualifying is even more important. I was not at all happy with qualifying down in 22nd. We tried a different gearing but to no avail so in the race we went back to the old gearing, but the fried the clutch on the start so the first race was crap going a second slower than in qualifying. Burning the midnight oil we changed the clutch plates dressed the clutch hub & basket, Dropped out the contaminated oil refilled with fresh ready for the morning. In warm up it was damp but was 8th quickest. The second race was dry and I dropped down to 26th, after fluffing my start with the new clutch. But kicked my self up the arse and in the last seven laps over took 11 people posting yet another PB. Finishing 15th. More points

Croft BSB Superstock Cup 11-13/08/06

Its the day after my birthday so we are hoping the better luck has followed us here. I actually like it here with its fast flowing corners. I managed to finish qualifying in 17th after posting another personal best. I had a good race and narrowly avoided a first turn incident after a fellow rider had an exciting start !!!! once again I was the loser and lost vital places. In the race however I managed to claw my way back to 14th. My best placed finish this year in the dry. Posting an even faster time than in Qual.

Oulton Park BSB Superstock Cup 21-23/07/06

This meeting we were looking for a bit more luck here than the first time. This is were the problems started with the bike in 2006. In the first session I managed a 1:45.673 I was pleased with the time and finished the second timed session in 18th place, much better than the 31st in scotland. The race was good but I got boxed in on the start and lost loads of places. I managed to ctch up, over take and finish in 16th place just one place of scoring points. At last we are going forward doing another Personal best in the race if only io could in qualifying.

Knockhill BSB Superstock Cup 14-17/07/06

Free practice went well setting a new personal best. However I was still disappointed on sat to finish the second qualifing in only 31st place, even though I had gone nearly a second faster than last year on the same bike. Things were looking up on sunday after morning warm-up, when I went 17th fastest. In Race one I managed to finish in 25th place setting another PB. I was lucky to finish one place better in race two, even though with the clutch was slipping like mad. The adjuster on the lever had come loose resulting in the loss of all the free play, but setting yet another PB of 53.2 seconds compared to last years time of 54.9. Lets hope this is the turning point of my season and I can concentrate on riding the bike instead of repairing it.

Mallory Park 25/06/06

Practice started well but in the first race I was in the lead with Mark Vernon in hot persute. On the third lap I could here a knocking noise in the engine and thought the crank had gone bang !!! I looked down to see oil all over my left boot. Forcing me to pull out of yet another race in 2006. After fixing the oil leak we started the engine, ran it up in gear to check all was ok, guess what the knocking was still there it turned out to be third gear in the gearbox. That was the end of racing for me today. Or not as Aron Brown offered to lend me his Kawasaki ZX10 for my second race, I have never rode a ZX10 before but I went really well on it and managed to win the race first time out !!!!!

So a big thankyou to Arron and his dad Roger.

The season has not started to well. I fell off in the wet practice at Donnington but managed to finish 5th in the race.

The bike has had a few mechanical problems, mainly oil leaks caused by the lightweight aluminium bolts reaching the end of there life, resulting in there heads snapping off allowing oil to leak out the remaining hole.

We also had a very strange problem with the starter motor. It was turning in reverse. The problem was resolved after talk to Rhys Boyd a fellow superstock contender, would you believe the long bolts holding the starter motor together had come loose and the centre part of the starter had rotated around its own axsis reversing the polarity of the strarter.

I had a DNF at Oulton through the snapping bolts and again at Snetterton. Which was a shame as I had posted a personal best lap time in the race before another bolt broke. I have now taken out all the aluminium bolts in the casings and fitted stainless steel ones.

Please keep checking back for products from the shop. We have over 600 products in the shop. If you can't find what your after call me or drop me an E-mail I am sure I will be able to help.

Thank you Alan Moreton

Graves Motorsports Titanium Slip-On Exhaust System Yamaha R6 (2003-05)
Graves Motorsports Titanium Slip-On Exhaust System Yamaha R6 (2003-05)

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